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I am remodeling my home and decided to spend the big bucks for Marvin. I have three 9 foot high arch top French doors at a price of $10,000 each in addition to all my other doors and windows. My contractor showed me how the arch piece of the frame doesn't line up with the straight piece on each door. The Marvin rep came and looked at this and said, oh they are all like that! Meaning all defective? So far they have done nothing. I would be... Read more

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First, disclosure: I am President of a company that has sold over $100,000,000.00 of Marvin Windows and Doors over many years. Yes, there are occasionally issues as there are with any product, however, our overwhelming experience has been that installation problems are at fault. You may have hired an experienced, reputable contractor, but perhaps the carpenter who installed your windows was a new hire. Proper flashing and caulking and a... Read more

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100% FULL

Marvin Windows And Doors - Marvin Door - Major Manufacturing Issues and Poor Customer Service
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Two months ago we ordered a Marvin Ultimate Sliding French Door, supposedly the best of the best on the market. In fact, 10 years ago we ordered the same door for a different house and were thrilled with it. Unfortunately it seems that Marvin has gone downhill in a big way. The first time the door arrived it was bowed, the primed side (inner) was not left to properly cure and had raised grain from wetness, along with numerous other problems. As... Read more

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My architect specified Marvin when I built my lake house 1997. The windows are large and so far two have failed and the replacement one one failed also. I have had to pay for the labor on them and it was not cheap. now I have two medium size windows that have condensation in them until noon when it seems to dry up and they look normal. Because of the cost I am tempted to just leave them. They are in a bedroom and I am the only one who sees... Read more

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These guys are awful. We battled them each year from 2007 to 2015. Our windows leaked air from day one. Every winter, we would contact them about leaky windows. They would try certain things to get the windows to stop leaking air but no matter what they did, it just never really seemed to solve the issue. Finally in 2015, they gave up trying to band-aid and duct tape their lousy product. They offered to give us a partial credit toward the... Read more

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Marvin Hurricane Impact Doors fail during during rain, they leak at points of contact between hinged jamb, Marvin Service blamed I The problem on our installation, What Marvin failed to realize is that we apply marine technology to our sub thresholds (double Gel Coted Fiberglass), Just to be clear we spend more on copper pleated flashing over drip curfed window heads, Valleys Drip Caps, Water Tables and so on, We Sheath all surfaces with 3/4"... Read more

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ours leak air threw them if we could do it over we would not buy these windows again . and we hope all you who work hard for your money don't buy these junky windows . rain comes in one window. we hope our builder will do the right thing. our house is new . buy Anderson or pella anything but marvin . I said it once and i'll say it again . you got me once marvin but you wont get us again . all you people out there beware of these windows. god... Read more

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I had 8 aluminum clad double hung windows installed in 2002 by a reputable window company and haven't had any issues to date. My heating bill dropped about 25% which is fantastic for a 1957 brick rambler with no insulation in it's walls. They still look and function like when they were new. I really don't have any complaints about my windows they look and function like high end windows. They were costly, but we believe they are worth it.... Read more

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I had 13 windows replaced with Marvin and had the same problem with the gunk on the windows and the excessive sealant where the windows are inserted into the frame. It took me hours to remove it from the glass with a razor blade and solvent and I had to use a blade to trim all of the windows that were oozing out the sealant. I think they were seconds but could never get a satisfactory answer from the installing company. He came out and said... Read more

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Marvin Windows And Doors - 11 years and they are - wasting away.
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Seatle home with Custom 5 lite bay window (west facing). the window frame / casing is literally rotting itself out. It was properly installed, but not holding up to real life and weather. I've had Pella windows from the 70's still in perfect condition. Marvin chose inferior casing material on a high cost window. 10 yr warranty. Not likely to get any support from manufacturer, and have to replace. Not sure what MDF they use but rot is not because... Read more

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