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We did all Marvin Windows in our home and paid extra for protective baked on finish. Nearly every window and 2 large sliding glass doors have rotted from the inside out. Their agents and distributors have inspected the windows an noted they were defective. There is one head of customer service, Lauren, who says Marvin will not stand behind the problem even though there was a class action suit and several other issues around these products. He... Read more

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Used Marvin Integrity windows in new home built 2006. 2011 balances began to fail. Serviced under warranty but using the same faulty balance to fix the windows. 2015 another service call to address more broken balances and asked if perhaps Marvin had redesigned the balances. We were informed that they had not. Lodged complaint with Marvin on Sept 2 and after a second request, a representative did contact me today (9/19). Marvin has not... Read more

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Bought Integrity windows & patio door, installed in 12.15. The WORST customer scve experience EVER! Waiting for 5th tech visit since April to fix widow that will not slide. CUSTOMER SERVICE? There is follow thru...takes 6 weeks for tech. Dealer Bliffert Lumber, Waukesha, WI scores 0 on follow up. 3 people who do not return calls. Treat you like Family? Mom & Pop biz so dysfunctional!

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I live in Colorado and the weather stripping on my Marvin casement windows has failed again. The current replacement weather stripping which I installed actually began to show signs of deterioration (curling) within a year. As I don't often open my windows, I ignored the obvious problem for a couple of years until I was having my house repainted. When I opened the windows for the contractor, pieces of the curled weather stripping simply fell... Read more

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I paid over $40,000 for all of my Marvin windows and doors in our home project. To this day, I still have the wrong sliding door locks in my expensive doors. STILL....once the contract got paid...they were gone. I didn't catch that one lock was just a pass thru for an exterior door. I have contacted local Marvin rep, he always says that its coming but then nothing. So I have no way to secure my house by locking the door other than to add an... Read more

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I sell, install and service Marvin and integrity window and door products. I have to reiterate what several other posters have noted. Installation is key , a cheap window installed properly can perform better than the best window made if it is not installed properly. Marvin does have some tight tolerances for installation and you cant just nail off the flange , throw a bead of caulk on and walk away. Proper flashing and shimming is critical.... Read more

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When I tilted the window to wash it, I was unaware that I had to somehow hold it up with my knees at 90 degrees or better while I scrubbed. That is an incredibly awkward if not dangerous position. So I let the window down to where it naturally stopped itself. This caused a clutch issue which is taking way more time than I have and taking my husband away from other chores, not to mention many web searches to find the cause of the problem. Now I... Read more

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Our door is not even three years old. It's broken and inoperable. We've tried local, regional and national customer service and distributors to no avail. No help. No answers. Never buy Marvin products again. A locksmith told us it was a broken spring. We got no help when we tried to replace it. Now it's worse. Can't use it. Very inconvenient and dangerous as it is locked. We have small children in the house and can't use that exit.why do... Read more

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Marvin Windows And Doors - Spontaneous breakage of Marvin door glass
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We have a Marvin sliding glass patio door that's 6 years old. While I was at home reading around 7:30 the other night, I heard a big pop. The door's outer glass pane, which was covered by a screen, had shattered and continued to break for the next 2 hours. As far as I can tell, nothing impacted the glass—and I would have noticed since I was sitting in the same room. There's a warranty on the glass, but Marvin won't honor it. They looked at the... Read more

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Spent $36000 to replace my old(46 year old) inefficient windows in 2002. I made the mistake of buying Marvin windows. 14 years later the bottoms of all of the casement windows are completely rotten out. The horizonal sliders are fine. I got a big FU from Marvin and no help on new windows. Over $2000 per window to replace. I will not make the same mistake twice. Good bye Marvin...hello Pella!

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