I have Marvin windows circa mid 90's that have completely deteriorated. They are true divided light windows with a type of vinyl/plastic over wood.

The bonding between the plastic material and wood has separated and allowed water to leak in over time rotting out the sills and frames. The only option is to completely replace all the windows in the house at 4 times the expense of the original installation. In contrast my neighbor installed similar Anderson windows which are as good as they day they went in.

Marvin has been of no help in rectifying the problem except to try and sell me new windows. I would look to other makers if considering Marvin.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I designed and subcontracted my home in 1986 and installed Marvin casements. I bought the quality hype and paid more for the Marvin brand.

For the last few years, window after window has lost its seal. Moisture and fogging are obvious from the street. My mother put Andersen in her house in the 70's with no problems.

I emailed Marvin and a local distributor with no response. The loss is mine but anyone who needs windows should be smart enough buy another brand and help put these creeps out of business.


Ha... once again these statements are false...

as written in the last posting... Marvin only uses aluminum clad...

not plastic or vinyl... you simply don't have Marvin windows installed.

to UpNorth New York, New York, United States #929916

My Marvin WOOD windows totally deteriorated, see comment from previous blog. Marvin was no help.


I am so depressed. My husband is an architect who has specified Marvin windows on both home and commercial products, and we used them on our new home because of their (former) reputation.

$30,000 of Marvin windows. The tech looked at them today and, yes, several of them are rotting. The casement windows particularly. After only 11 years.

I don't know what to do.

The tech told us to, as soon as the weather improves, seal the part where the wood meets the glass with silicone but what happens to the moisture that is already in there? My husband can't even talk about it.


Yep. We had Marvin wood, casement windows installed mid 90's and 7 out of 10 are rotten.

We can't even open them for fear they'll fall to the ground. This was a huge expense for us, and the company refused to make good. We found out there was a bad batch (something about defects in the wood or coatings). The company said customers were sent letters informing them, but WE NEVER got a letter.

This company should be put out of business until they make good on every defective window.

Do the right thing! I know, I'm a dreamer.

to Deborah Anderson Mechanicsville, Iowa, United States #1252513

Windows and doors don't just rot outta nowhere. If they are twenty years only you obviously have neglected them in some shape or form. Nothing just up and rots away.


I built a large home in upstate NY in 97-98. Several windows were showing signs of leakage and discoloration within 10 yrs but I thought it was poor caulking.

Marvin never mentioned the possible problem when I called them and they sent a rep out to replace one window and charged me a discounted price for it. 2 yrs later all the staining has come back on new replacement wood. I looked more closely at bottom (window seal area which was traditionally caulking). I found that it was not tight against the glass in fact loose.

It would certainly allow water inside where the seal should be. the vertical strip actually pulls out some at the base so it definitely is not working as a seal. Another call to Marvin and they claim there is no warranty and they are not taking responsibiity. A check of my other windows shows deterioration of the "caulking seal" on windows exposed to weather.

My windows underneath overhangs that are not exposed are very tightso the difference is stunning. I do not recommend Marvin. I never heard about any lawsuit or settlement and will pursue this until they make good and replace my windows.

I think it speaks to ethics of company. Why would anyone buy new products from them?


Marvins are aluminum clad. You sure you don't have andersons which are vinyl clad

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