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Never had an issue with my Anderson windows, my new Infinity fiber glass windows have openings at each corner to let every bug in world into the frame. Marvin's fix was to buy an expense insecticide and spray it every month.

Not fix the defect in the window. I watch the bugs just climb on in, mud wasps, bird nest wasps, ants. spiders etc.

over 30 thousand dollars and can't open my windows.

Now I am stuck with these windows. Had company come out to look at it and they were going to replace the outside seal, now told it will change the look of the window and it will not keep the bugs out anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marvin Windows And Doors Window.

Reason of review: see above.

Preferred solution: Fix the issue, not suggest a bandage approach..

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We built our house in 2009 and we are so disappointed in these Marvin windows. The sound insulation is terrible.

We hear everything outside and people walking by hear everything on the inside. The amount of bugs crawling in from the corners is unbelievable and so upsetting. We must pick up about 60 ladybugs and box elders every single day. The stains and smells these bugs leave is ruining our home and after 8-1/2 years, we are fed up and want to move.

We haven't contacted Marvin about this issue, but we will NOW!

For some reason, this year was the extreme case of bugs .I'm glad I checked this website - we are NOT the only ones and Marvin Windows should react as soon as possible with a remedy. ( TOXIC insecticide is not a solution and we won't stand for it)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1135506

Same problem here with a house built in 2013. Those Asian Beetles (like Ladybugs) coming in through the corners.

I have to vacuum up at least 40 per day just between the two upstairs bedrooms. Huge gaps.

Also get in mosquitos all summer with all the windows closed. Hoping they can find us a solution.


We have had the same problem. New house in 2008 with Marvin Integrity windows.

The black weather stripping has a small 5x5mm gap at the corners of the window, allowing insects into the space between the interior and exterior window parts. Wasps bring grass into the crevice and breed their young there, and sometimes they can't get out. The biomaterials result in a foul smelling mess that accumulates over the years.

One of our bedrooms had an odd smell develop over the summer, and we finally tracked it down to this.

Took an afternoon of hosing out the interior crevice to remove the smelly stuff, and it still smells acrid in that room.

This will be very expensive for Marvin to address.

My builder has contacted the company, and we wait to see how they respond. I believe a small plug of silicone in the corners will fix the issue - question is whether Marvin will do this or me...

to Anonymous #1485483

Hi, I have the same exact issue. Installed mine in 2017.

Horrible! It’s like not having a window at all. All types of insects get in, even with the windows closed!

Where do you suggest silicone? Did that work?


I agree. Our Marvin Integrity windows (2010) are mostly double hung, but the screens do not fit well.

Bugs just convoy through! Anderson windows in the other house are wonderful. The Integrity window screens are engineered so poorly it seems no repair is possible.

The locking tabs are about 10 " from the corners so these never fit squarely. Screens are for keeping bugs out, right?


I just purchased infinity replacement windows. OMG! I hope I won't have the same problem.

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