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I do not think it is manufacturers fault. They rely heavily on testing agencies that qualifies their product for ASTM standards, ISO, NAFS or AAMA certification before a product can be licensed and sold to the consumers.

If your window is failing it is mostly likely not meeting the Performance Grade. Now most people, including sales reps confuse the terminology DP rating and PG rating. If you are a consumer buying any type of window, pay close attention to PG rating, this is where you get you applicable air infiltration rate known as air flow, cm/cubicft, water pascals, DP rating and structural load test, which basically deflection. There are other secondary test which imperative to get Performance Grade (PG rating).

Therefore, when buying windows pay attention to PG rating, and consider research best window possible based on environment conditions. If the environment is subjective to climatic changes, a rapid increase in humidity, rain or wet condition could easily lead wood to rot. Do not install wood window, if the product is going be indirect contact with extreme weather, find a suitable product that can withhold severe weather. Also, note the viability of the test data.

When I said it is probably not the manufacturers fault because they do not always get a honest test result. Many testing agencies falsify information, because they are quick to provide results or certification report. Some agencies skip necessary test and would cut and paste test data from similar product. Does the manufacturer know about it, in most cases they have no idea.

How the test was conducted. On the other hand, the testing agency rush the report without fully testing or analyzing the test specimen and detailing the probable cause of failure.

In fact, the test agencies motive is to pass the specimen as quickly as possible with hopes of please the client (manufacturer), all at the cost of the consumer. Decide for yourself, this is the American Enterprise System, and that is what we are paying for.

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Trumbull, Connecticut, United States #1184398

Not true! I purchased un-primed windows from Marvin in 1998 and installed them and have never had an issue.

In 2002 and 2003 purchased the same windows except primed inside and out. All installed the same way. Pre-primed windows all started to rot within 11-12 years.

South and west exposures first and slowly moved to the east and west sides of the house. There are known issues with pre-primed finger jointed products.

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