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My wife & I are in a nightmare.We bought and remodeled our dream home two years ago and installed all Marvin windows & doors.

They began leaking almost immediately. After fighting with the builder for a year about installation it was discovered the windows themselves are defective. Marvin had an independent testing company come in over six months ago and the testing company confirmed they are defective. Water continues to penetrate and damage our home but Marvin is only willing to send us new windows and not pay for the installation (est > $130K) and the interior damage to our home (est >$100K).

Has anyone had any luck with this company?Help!

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Marvin quality is going down.I have problem with sliding door, frame was assembled with errors.

I will never buy again Marvin door or windows.For 2 doors we pay 6K + labor and have to be reworked on side.

Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States #1311373

Marvin windows are the worst window I've ever delt with as a builder I refuse to install them there weatherstripping leaks like a sive

Apex, North Carolina, United States #1200795

29 years ago, our builder installed very expensive E-glass Marvin windows in our large home.Over the past two years, 13 windows have lost their seals with resulting moisture intrusion.

The hooks in three windows that hold the windows in an up position failed, and the entire window had to be replaced. In all, we have spent about $10,000 on replacement so far, with another $10,000 to go. Apparently, the year after we purchased the windows, they were discontinued.

We are appalled.Will never use Marvin products again.


I have 5 year old marvins.Im here because they are terrible, wet, drafting etc.

Cold in mn.My old wood slider single panes were better


Has anyone had trouble with Marvin hurricane windows fogging up in southern climates?This happens almost daily only on the outside of the windows.

We have been told that it is just one of the things that you deal with in southern climates.

We do not keep our home below 70 degrees at night.Question could this be a problem of the windows having lost the inert gas between the panes?

Sacramento, California, United States #925696

Installation is KEY.I would love to know if the installs were AAMA certified and what flashings and caulks were used.

Installers cut corners .We install Marvin and Integrity and have not had ONE leak in 30 years. We also partner with the best stucco and siding installers that go hand in hand with a great window install.

Marvin is still the best product out there and Ultrex is the best fiberglass window available.

to Anonymous Laguna Niguel, California, United States #929527

I just installed 16 Marvin Integrity Ultrex fiberglass casement windows.The weather seals were poorly cut in manufacture, so water drips inside the casement.

Once inside the casement, it drips down into the bottom 45s, many of which of which are not sealed, so from there it wicks in and ruins the wood sill. I have these leak problems with about eight of the sixteen installs. Moreover, the exterior mull covers were very sloppily installed and many of the interior plastic trim pieces arrived severely deformed. And you say you have never seen a Marvin window leak after installing them for 30 years?

In my opinion, based on my experience, I cannot imagine a plausible chance that you are anything less than a bald faced liar. I expect Marvin to fix these problems. If they do, then great.

If they don't, then they will never hear the end of it from me.


We have been dealing with a Marvin Integrity nightmare for the past 9 months.We used these windows and french doors for the new home we built.

The doors have been replaced 5 times already. Every double hung has been replaced at least once but 11 of them have had their 4th replacement. All of the awning windows have nails showing that never hit the frame. Let me note that most of these replacements were not even acceptable to the distributor in our area that handles all Marvin issues in my area.

They have done their best but they don't make the product which is TERRIBLE in my opinion.

I will never ever use them again.I hope this helps others from the same fate.


I have the Marvin ultrex sliders since 1998 I installed them myself they are the best windows I ever installed no leaks and after 16 years they work and feel and look like I just installed them. That's the test of time there is no better test sorry to hear you have that problem

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #699769

These folks are uninformed, most new homes settle causing the frame to rack, and have tons of moisture, from new construction.Its all in the installation.

We have looked between Marvin and Anderson they are similar its the installers.

Make sure what ever you buy you can replace the seal in the frame this is where the problem starts!

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