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We have a Marvin sliding glass patio door that's 6 years old. While I was at home reading around 7:30 the other night, I heard a big pop.

The door's outer glass pane, which was covered by a screen, had shattered and continued to break for the next 2 hours. As far as I can tell, nothing impacted the glass—and I would have noticed since I was sitting in the same room. There's a warranty on the glass, but Marvin won't honor it.

They looked at the picture and said it was an impact break. I'm sure they get fraudulent warranty claims all the time, but I'm left scratching my head and saying, "Impacted by what?" Now I'm worried about spontaneous breakage in my other Marvin windows and doors.


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of marvin windows and doors door and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1740. Marvin Windows And Doors needs to "warranty replacement of the window" according to poster's claims.

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Cedar Park, Texas, United States #1356251

I was going to sign a contract today for Marvin Integrity windows and sliding door. I will derfinately rethink my options.

I pulled out of the signing and will look around for other window options.

Sounds like a real bad company to do business with. Thanks for info!!!

Austin, Texas, United States #1213745

Did you get this resolved? I live in Austin and was going to replace all 18 of my sliding glass doors with Marvin Infinity. Give the frequent rapid temp changes we experience here, as well as potential for hail, it sounds like I need to seriously re-think using this product.

Trumbull, Connecticut, United States #1184392

My father had a glass porch with 15 of these units. Two did the same thing and Marvin tried to tell him something hit the glass.

By some miracle a third broke while the Marvin tech was out fixing one of the others.

Marvin quickly replaced every one of them for free. Seems there was a manufacturing defect in the glass.

Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1171172

Had the same thing happen in an apartment I lived at in Nashville TN a few yrs. back.

Maintenance there said they had it happen 2-3 times a year and it's due to quick temperature changes. In other words when there is a quick a big drop or increase in the temp outside, and that makes a big difference in the inside and outside.

They know why it happened so don't give up. Stay on their case and take it to small claims court if necessary.

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