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Our builder used Marvin windows also (Integrity). I had previously had Anderson windows and screens.

I absolutely hate these screens- little plastic pegs are all that holds the screen in- but none of the screens fit tightly- gaps big enough to let in all little gnats and mosquitoes drawn to the light. I just can’t believe that is the best a company can do when it comes to building a screen for their windows! Then there are the windows themselves- I can barely raise them, they are so difficult to open. I miss my old Anderson windows- so easy to open and close, screens are secure, without any gaps, when I so,d my house 20 years after- those windows were as good as they day they were installed!

Do not buy Marvin windows- at least the I tegrity line- poorly manufactured product !

The windows are less than 3 years old, installed in a brand new house. All I can think of is saving enough money to have them replaced with Anderson windows as soon as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marvin Windows And Doors Integrity Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree. Valid statements.

Mine leak cold air like a sieve also.

Yeah bugs come in too. Ruined my house by spending 12 k on the project


Yes, Marvin screens are the worst! We have "cheap vinyl" windows in a vacation home which were installed 16 years ago, and the screens are solid as a rock.

Our 3-year old $22,000 Marvin window screens are incredibly flimsy and three of them were made at the wrong size, causing two to jam in their channels and the third to FALL out of the window repeatedly. The only warranty service we could get from Global Home Improvements (our Marvin distributor) was to replace those 3 screens with new ones EXACTLY the same size, which naturally (1) jammed in their channels and (2) continued falling out and down 2 stories every time we opened the window. When I brought this to Global's attention suddenly they said that "screens are not covered by the Marvin warranty." This is a lie but we were up against a wall with them and couldn't take any more of their attitude and abuse.

Thankfully I was able to have sturdy screens made for the three worst windows, which I paid for out of pocket. Never, ever would I purchase any product from Marvin or deal with Global Home Improvements again.


I agree, Marvin windows are the worst! I just installed next generation double hung...

they are like having no windows at all! Bugs and all kinds of critters easily make their way into my house. Even with the window closed!!! This is so horrible.

Stay away from this company. Garbage ripoff windows!

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